chirp. chirp.

...a morning full of little paper plate birdies + lots of loving! 

paint + love

...a whole lot of paint, our precious kids, and a TON of love! 


Here are a few photos of our precious classroom, computer lab, and outside area where we encourage our precious children to let their imagination and emotions run free as they express themselves through art!


Thank you for your continued prayers and support over the past six months! After dreaming about it forever, we are beyond grateful and unbelievably excited to inform you that Soul Expressions has officially launched! We could not be more excited! We absolutely could not have done any of this without each of you! Jesus has blessed us with such amazing people who have continually supported and prayed for us each step of the way, and for that we are eternally grateful! Thank you beyond words for partnering with us and allowing us to live out the dream of Soul Expressions!

God has so graciously given us the amazing opportunity to partner with Asociación Obras del Espíritu Santo as Soul Expressions begins taking its first steps. We were introduced to Asociación Obras del Espíritu Santo when Daniel began looking for somewhere to do his TCU (community service project) for school. We have been blessed to work with fourteen precious children, and right now we are doing about 20% TCU and 80% Soul Expressions every Saturday. It has been quite fun and exciting, as we have found ways to intertwine the two. 

We know that where God guides, He also provides. We are fully trusting in Him to lead us and provide every need along the way. We desperately need your constant prayers that God continues to use and equip us as He wills, and that we continue to submit to that direction daily. Along with prayer, there are a few more ways in which you can partner with us. 

MONETARY DONATIONS: You can make a monetary donation 2 different ways.

1. Via PayPal HERE
  • There is also a "DONATE" button on the left sidebar that will take you directly to the PayPal donation webpage. 
2. Via Check
  • Checks can be made out to Lisa or Eddie Elmore, with Soul Expressions in the memo. 
  • Mail all checks to: 
      **Please email us at for mailing address.**

SUPPLY DONATIONS: The following is a list of supplies that we are in need of, as well as                                            shipping information. 


Paint (washable)
Paint trays/Re-usable plates
Re-usable cups
Pencil Sharpeners
Tape (masking & reg. clear)
Construction Paper
Art paper
Art canvases
Pipe Cleaners
Tissue Paper
Plastic tablecloths
Small prizes


**Please email us at for shipping address.**


Make sure you take everything OUT of its original packaging and place everything in Ziplock bags. Also, when you ship your package you will be given a customs form to fill out. There are 4 sections that you need to pay close attention to in order for your package to pass through customs easily, without being searched. Listed are each of the 4 sections and the exact information you need to use.

  • Select or write in GIFT.
  • Select or write in SCHOOL SUPPLIES.
  • Select or write in $50
    • Insurance is NOT required. If you do choose to insure the package $50 is the maximum amount even if the package is valued for more. You may select or write in an amount less than $50 if the package is valued for less.
  • Select or write in $50.
    • $50 is the maximum amount even if the package is valued for more. You may select or write in an amount less than $50 if the package is valued for less.


10-20lbs. + MED box  = $50
(13-5/8" x 11-7/8" x 3-3/8" OR 11" x 8-1/2" x 5-1/2")

10-20lbs. + LG box = $60
(23-11/16" x 11-3/4" x 3" OR 12" x 12" x 5-1/2")

10-20lbs. + EXTRA LG box = $100
(max. length 42", max. length plus girth combined 79")

If you have any questions regarding shipping please email us and we will be glad to help you!

Thank you so much for your constant prayers and for being a part of this ministry opportunity and making an eternal impact. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. You are very important to us and we know you share the compassion that we do for God's children.

In Him,


Through the ministry of Soul Expressions we want to bring in children and youth who are broken and hurting and offer them a safe, secure place where they can express themselves from their innermost being. We want to give them a way to let go of the hurt and pain and let it to be replaced with the beautiful, unconditional love of our Jesus. What better way to do that than through various forms of art! We feel as though art allows children and youth to let their imagination and emotions run free—they can cry, scream, question, laugh, smile—all without saying a single word. 

Not only do we want to use art to show them the love of Jesus, but also simply by loving them genuinely as Jesus does. Romans 12:9, "Let love be genuine..." is the very core of what Soul Expressions is all about. We do not want to just be people with paint and markers. We want to be a mom and a dad to those without parents. We want to be a brother and a sister to those without siblings. We want to be a friend to those without a friend, but more than anything we want to be Jesus to each and every one of them. We desire to have an intentional relationship with each child and each youth. 

For so long, each of these children and youth have suffered from such harsh circumstances—not having a family, feeling alone and helpless, sleeping on the streets or in a hole in the ground, having a hungry tummy, fighting to stay alive. We want to give these children and youth the complete opposite of all of that. We want them to feel safe and secure, loved and treasured—to have a feeling of belonging and family, a full tummy and warm bed. More than anything we want them to feel Jesus and His love—we want them to know that no matter how harsh their circumstances may be, He is right there holding them in His arms and He loves them with a love greater than they can imagine. 

We want to be Jesus to these hurting and broken yet absolutely beautiful children and youth—loving them genuinely as He does, and as they empty themselves of the pain and brokenness we want Jesus to fill them with His love like never before. 

We want His love to seep through us in a genuine and undeniable way that draws His children to Him.

 Beautifully unhindered,


The dream of Soul Expressions began two years ago as a simple thought during a graphic design class when I was assigned a logo design project.


For the past two years the dream of Soul Expressions has seemed unreachable, and quite honestly, was placed into the back of my mind to only be thought about occasionally. Little did I know, Jesus was preparing me for something beyond my wildest dreams!

In June 2011, I moved to Costa Rica for two months to attend the Language Institute. During that time God introduced me to Daniel through a bible study that we both attended. I moved back to Costa Rica to begin life as a full-time missionary in December 2011, and as Daniel and I began to talk more about our dreams and desires for ministry the dream of Soul Expressions began to seem more and more reachable. In March 2012 God began opening doors for us to live out the dream of Soul Expressions, and on June 8, 2012 Soul Expressions began taking its very first baby steps!

It has been so amazing to see an unreachable dream that began as a simple thought in a classroom become something reachable and far greater than anything we ever could have imagined!


In Him,